Learn How Deadly Exchange Takes Root



Easy Targets

College students tend to lack a background on Israeli and the Middle Eastern history. That makes them more susceptible to Deadly Exchange propaganda. 

Learn more:  In Durham, JVP supporters first enlisted students at nearby universities, Duke and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to sign on to Deadly Exchange. Plugged into social media, students could mobilize fast for a Deadly Exchange rally, vigil or public hearing. Their presence lent the campaign the appearance of substantial local support. 



JVP hit a susceptible public with petitions incredibly claiming Israel “helps the police terrorize Black and Brown communities here in the US.” In other words: Be a good American, boycott the Jews.

Learn more: By the time JPV went public with their bizarro accusations about the police exchange program, they had printed glossy anti-Israel fliers and had an online presence. 

In Durham, Deadly Exchange  supporters appeared at universities, sporting events and farmers’ markets with their inflammatory petitions. They ultimately garnered 1,200 signatures, which they submitted to city hall. Backers even erected an anti-Israel art display in downtown Durham to promote their noxious agenda.




JVP inserts Deadly Exchange into intersectional politics and social justice causes by claiming that Palestinians are world-class victims. By linking Palestinians to unrelated issues in America, a few ragtag JVP activists are able to mobilize a small army of disparate groups at rallies and city council meetings.

Learn more: In the aftermath of the shooting death in 2014 of Michael Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri, a slogan was born: “From Ferguson to Palestine.”

Within months, young people representing groups such as The Dream Defenders, Black Lives Matter, and Black Youth Project 100, headed to Israel and the West Bank to link the anti-Israel movement with the American anti-racism movement.

Ludicrous as it was, it worked. Writer Angela Davis gave a talk a few weeks later that was sponsored by UC Santa Cruz to commemorate Martin Luther King Jr. Its title: “Racism, Militarism, and Poverty From Ferguson to Palestine.”



JVP lobbies municipal politicians to enact Deadly Exchange. In progressive cities, where every politician jockeys to appear more “woke” than the next guy, pols can quickly sign-on to Deadly Exchange.


In Durham, a left-leaning town, JVP was able to make boycotting Israel an integral part of the “progressive” platform. The result: After the 2018 elections, Durham City Council was decidedly anti-Israel. So was the newly elected Democratic mayor, Steve Schewel.