Blaming Israel for police problems in America is a lie

Reject it. Call It Out. Fight Back Now.


What's This About?


They called it “Deadly Exchange,” and before we even knew what it was, our elected officials had embraced it.


Deadly Exchange turned out to be a campaign to boycott international anti-terrorism training seminars in Israel. Their pathological claim: Israelis are secretly using the seminars to instruct American police on how to maim and torture "Black and Brown bodies" in the United States. Deadly Exchange depicts Jews as sinister, controlling and bloodthirsty. To this day, Durham’s official boycott has left Jewish citizens feeling unsafe and unwelcome.


Don’t let your town become the next Durham.


Because demonizing one group – any group – degrades us all.




Raise your voice against Deadly Exchange



Hold accountable local officials, leaders and the press for unfair anti-Israel bias



Contact us directly if your city officials are at risk of passing Deadly Exchange

Azrieli Towers

Make no mistake

When they say “Israel” they mean “Jews”


Officials must be told that Deadly Exchange is based entirely on ugly lies. That it robs American police of training that could save lives and money.


And that it puts American Jews in harm’s way.


Durham City Council (2020)

Durham City Council (2020)

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What's the Deal?


This Is Zionism

Who We Are

By the Western Wall

We are concerned American citizens who fear that cities across the United States are susceptible to Deadly Exchange propaganda. We are already witnessing the Deadly Exchange virus spread to college campuses, most recently to Tufts University.


Deadly Exchange activists work in stealth. They wrap their fetid lies in pretty social justice packages. They use inflammatory language and false accusations to confuse well-intentioned people.


We know firsthand the damage wrought by their hate.


And we know how to oppose them.

Fight Back Now

Who They Are

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The hilariously named “Jewish Voice for Peace” is behind the Deadly Exchange campaign – hilarious because Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) is a motley crew that has nothing to do with mainstream Jews or with peace. 

JVP is well-known for its radical agenda of smearing Israel and promoting boycotts of Jews. Backed by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund and other anti-Israel groups, JVP in 2017 sponsored convicted terrorist Rasmea Odeh. Methods used by JVP include aggressively shutting down pro-Israel events, performing anti-Israel hoaxes, using Jewish holidays to criticize Israel, and disrupting trips to Israel. JVP touts the Durham passage of Deadly Exchange as one of its biggest successes to date. Actually, the real deadly exchange is JVP.


Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a campus-based group known for its intimidation of Jewish speakers and students, has taken up the mantel and is pressuring college campus police to boycott Israel.

The International Community Takes a Look at Deadly Exchange

And Rejects It.

By the Western Wall

Britain’s Labour Party won’t tolerate Deadly Exchange lies

Labour official Rebecca Long-Bailey’s whopper that Israelis “perfected” the chokehold that killed American George Flloyd didn’t fly. Long-Baily was fired for promoting “an antisemitic conspiracy theory.”

Muslim clerics agree: Demonizing Israel is wrong

The largest international council of imams has formally backed a definition of antisemitic. It includes scapegoating Israel.

American Flags

Strange Bedfellows, Indeed


​​What do neo-Nazis and ardent anti-Israel activists have in common?

Both love Deadly Exchange, because it stigmatizes Israel and demonizes Jews.


Yes, it's schizophrenic



​​Social justice activists last summer began criticizing aspects of Deadly Exchange, saying that blaming Israel for policing in the United States lets American police off the hook for their behavior toward minorities.

JVP, in response, softened its messaging. Its website now says, “context” is needed when supporting the Deadly Exchange campaign.

The "context" JVP continues to rely on: Classic antisemitism to make the ludicrous case that the Israeli police training program should be boycotted so as not to endanger people of color in the United States.


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This is Zionism

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